Our Mobile Bleachers and Grandstands can seat                  50 people to 5,000 people

We Rent Bleachers and Grandstands in NY, NYC, Boston, CT, MA, NJ, & RI.

 Competitive Prices - Competitive pricing on
all rentals. No hidden
surcharges of any kind!

Flexible Rental Periods

We can customize any rental
Agreement to fit your needs. Service available 7 days a week​.


​Our Modern Stages can come complete with a LED Light Show, packaged into Rentable Price.

Event Rentals

Bleachers Rentals and Grandstands Rentals NYC, Boston, NY, NJ, MA, CT, RI.. We also rent Stages, and Generators 

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Bleacher Rentals and Grandstand Rentals, NYC, Boston, CT, NY, MA, RI, NJ, ME, NH, OH, MI, IN, Washington DC, Florida

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